As much as we love the hot weather, it can be a nightmare for our Hair. Dryness, more split ends and sweating out your hair products are all things that we need to deal with.

Here are our stylist tips on how to protect hair from the heat, sun, and humidity without turning it into an endless battle.


We get thirstier in the summertime and so does our hair. Make sure your hair stays hydrated throughout the day by applying of water followed by good quality moisturizers (like Coconut oil or Argan Oil). This will help keep your hair soft and strong, but it will also give your hair a healthier look.

Do this 2-3 times a day as part of your beauty routine for the best results. We suggest a travel spray bottle filled with water as a handbag essential.


eggs, nuts and fish for healthy hair

The health of your hair has a lot to do with your diet. In the summer it’s really important that you stay hydrated because dehydration immediately stops hair growth.

Eating enough protein is also important for hair growth because hair follicles are made of mostly protein. Great source of protein includes eggs, nuts and fish. Oily fish like Mackerel, Salmon and sardines also contain omega-3 which is needed for healthy Hair, Glowing skin and strong nails.


To make sure your hair isn’t dried out by the sun, you might want to try protective styles. Protective styles help to make sure your natural hair isn’t too exposed to the elements – especially damaging UV rays.

Braids are great for the summer because your scalp can still breathe. Wigs are great if you want to quickly transform your look in the evening or weekend. Whatever style you choose, make sure your ends are tucked away.


Getting rid of split ends will help to keep your hair healthy as it grows. We recommend you do this as part of a regular hair treatment.

Hair normally begins to split after 3 months but during hot weather, you can get more split ends that usual. Our stylists recommend that you trim your ends every 8-12 weeks to keep your hair healthy throughout the year.


Everyone’s hair is different, so our stylists recommend that you pay attention to your hair and what it needs. If you sweat a lot in hot weather, this can dry out your scalp which means you might need to moisturize it more often.

If your hair is always thirsty you might need to deep condition it. If your hair is heat damaged, you might need to get a protein treatment. You might need to do a mixture of things to get the best results for your hair


If you need help getting to know your hair better, you can contact us for free consultation, and we can offer you tailored suggestions for keeping your hair beautiful this summer

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