‘Virgin’ refers to hair that has never been heat-treated or chemically processed. This applies for the whole life of the hair not just after it was harvested. As a result, unprocessed hair is incredibly healthy and is used to manufacture stunning quality hair extensions.

Virgin hair must meet meticulous standards which include never having been straightened, curled, permed, dyed, colored, bleached, or chemically processed in any way. In conclusion, unprocessed.

All unprocessed hair extensions are naturally black because they come from donors in countries like Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia. So if you’re a black woman with naturally black hair it’s a much better choice to buy unprocessed hair extensions.

Furthermore, because unprocessed hair is so healthy it’s extremely versatile so if you’ve got toned down hair or want a bright red mane you can dye/bleach unprocessed hair extensions to match any shade and they’ll generally be much healthier than buying a pre-dyed set of standard processed extensions. With unprocessed hair, you also get a better color application, as the stylist can see the original tones in the hair and which tones it pulls.

Unprocessed hair still has the cuticle intact; it has not been chemically processed. The hair would also be considered remy hair, also known as “cuticle hair.” 

Another advantage is that unprocessed hair lasts longer than processed hair; this way, you get a greater value, as it’s not damaged hair. The hair is soft and more manageable after you wash it as it’s not usually coated in silicone.

Overall, unprocessed hair is a greater investment than processed hair, but worth the cost.

Be careful, though, as lots of websites and wig shops claim their hair is unprocessed just to make a sale. Remember, unprocessed hair is harder to source, so it is in limited quantities, and it is indubitably more expensive than processed hair.


Processed hair has been chemically treated during production to make it appear a certain way. Processed hair is soaked in a highly acidic bath to strip it of its cuticles and basically remove all of the natural characteristics of the strands.

Processed hair has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of processed hair is that once the cuticles have been removed, the hair can be colored and treated in any way to look however the manufacture wants it. Usually, processed hair is coated in silicone after treatments to replenish the appearance and boost its shine.

Processed hair wigs show beautifully in the studios, as metallic dye is often used and the color is more vibrant and the hair feels silky. The disadvantage is that the hair is heavily processed, so its lifespan is not as long as the lifespan of an unprocessed wig or set of hair extensions.

After the first wash or so, the hair can start to tangle. We have seen this on a few wigs where knotting of the hair occurs around the hairline in the back of the hair. Also, after washing, the silicone starts to wear off and the silky hair you felt in the store won’t last long.



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