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Own Your Premium Beauty Supply!

Calling all African American entrepreneurs! Here's your chance to get into the beauty business with little up-front costs. Beautyhairworld offers a complete store setup package that covers almost 90% of your expenses. So what are you waiting for? Start your own beauty empire today!

Be The Boss of your own Beauty supply Store - Mission | BeautyHairWorld

Be The Boss Application Process | BeautyHairWorld | BeautyHairWorld

Starting your own store can be a great way to build up some cash flow and work on creativity. Here are 3 steps that will help you get started with the least amount of money possible!

3 Steps to Start Your Own Local Store with the Lowest Budget!

  1. Rent a retail store on your desired location

You'll need the right location. A small, intimate space can be more effective than an expansive one since customers are often drawn in by so called "visual nutrients."  This means that they look at what you have and use their eyes first before anything else.

  1. Check inventory arrivals

Once your store is set for display, you just need to check inventory arrivals so that when customers come into your store they can find what's available for purchase quickly.

  1. Hire employees or work yourself to start selling

 Why work with Beautyhairworld

  •  “Line of Credit” inventory set up

All inventory selecting would come from our company and store set up for free. The $100,000 worth of products includes human hairs! You are not just getting a wig or hairpiece here; you're improving someone's beauty with something they can grow in their own scalp while using less chemicals than those on market shelves now--all at no cost to you when starting your business.

  •  $4000 store assistant for first 6 month of opening your store!

We want to make sure you're successful in this industry and grow with us. For the first six months of operation, we will pay $4000 USD in order for us both - as partner or customer-to grow together with this business venture that has so much potential ahead of it.

  •  Best-selling, top quality, most loved hair products.

We help you become the talk of your town with our best-selling, top quality and most loved hair products. Beautyhairworld is manufacture direct company with a sense of care and attention to detail, ensuring each product has exactly what your customers need at your store Beauty Hair World offers a sense that has been fostered over 30 years in industrial experience which allows us to select only high end brands for your store shelves!

  •  Free brand/store marketing

Beautyhairworld offers a great way to get your brand or store's location out there. It also offers free marketing, which is something that many store owner would love!

  •  Sales commission

We provide a sales commission for all new clients that goes beyond just their first few orders; it is commission on an ongoing basis as long your customers continue shopping at beautyhairworld!

  •  Routine Inventory checkups for individualized stock development

Our team also comes onto each client's inventory every month or several times per year to check up on stock levels so we can ensure everyone gets only fresh goods delivered right into your store. checking inventory levels on an individualized basis so they stay stocked appropriately

  • Professional training and ongoing consultation

And if something comes up/needs attention while we’re working together unfiltered insights into what is going well AND where improvements could be made.


We help you stand out from the rest and become a household name with our best-selling, high quality hair products. Beautyhairworld is an experience for all around: we care about each other's needs as much as yours because it takes someone special to make beauty happen!

Contact us to receive the application form!

Be The Boss Application Process | BeautyHairWorld | BeautyHairWorld

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