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The African- American hair industry (hair extensions, wigs, and relaxers) is estimated to be worth $12 Billion. African-American women comprise 6.5% of the population but purchase 60% of all hair care products. Some African-American women have reported spending up to $25,000 annually on their hair. 46-60% of African-American women report purchasing hair extensions or wigs regularly (10 weeks or sooner).

Dropshipping is one technique of hair business where the product is shipped to the consumer directly from a wholesale warehouse, thus eliminating the need for a company to hold a large amount of stock.


Benefits of Bheautyhairworld Drop Shipping

There are several benefits to dropshipping and it is certainly a great way for your emerging business to get started. It gives your business the ability to start a company with very little initial investment or space needed. 

Beautyhairworld also allows them to offer a wider variety of products because you don’t need to keep them in stock. The amount you will save in costs is very beneficial. Your hair brand will also have the ability to start and run a business from anywhere. Your companies can even run from remote locations. All of this and more is possible for an online retailer that utilizes drop shipping. Read on to discover the benefits of dropshipping in detail.

No Minimum Orders!

Another advantage of our Dropship Membership is that it is based on smaller quantity orders.

You can order bundles individually or multiple if necessary. This is perfect for when your customers place smaller orders with you. They can be sent out individually.

Having no minimum orders allows you to be able to start selling hair freely and without the pressure of having a certain amount of inventory or sales. Many people are hesitant to start hair business for those very reasons.

Fortunately our dropshipping eliminates that problem and you'll be able to start selling hair for your hair business immediately.

Organized Shipping!

Another reason for dropshipping is that we do all the shipping for you.

Trust me, shipping orders is not as fun or as glamorous as you may think especially when the orders start getting out of control.

So let us handle all the shipping for you. This gives you more time to focus on Marketing and Sales and less time on the shipping logistics. We are very meticulous and precise when it comes to our shipping process. We do not put any of our company information on the packaging.

Our shipping team also takes a photo of every order that is shipped so if there is a question about a missing item we can "roll back the tape" and see if this was the case.

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Easy Steps

1.Open your website

Register your domain name $15 (GoDaddy)

Having a professional domain name is where you will put your website. Selling on social media can work but, you need a home for your business. This will be your website.

Sign up for Shopify $29.99 (Shopify)

There are many different E-commerce platforms out there but, Shopify is simply the best. They have great customer service, features and is relatively easy to use. As a matter of fact, you are on a Shopify website right now reading this!

2. Marketing

Sign Up and Register Social Media Accounts

This one is easy as you probably have used Social media already ! Make sure you sign up or create pages on all the social media platforms. The social platforms includes Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and everything else.

It shouldn't take long to do and it's free! If you want to keep notification emails separate, make sure to use your new email address to register the accounts that require an email.

Write Blog Posts about Your Products, Services, and Business

Blogging takes some time, but hey, at least it's free! 

Blogging is excellent for your business. What you are reading is a blog post that's helping our clients. Hopefully, even you. 

3. Make Selling

Selling Hair is Possible!

Yes, even on a small budget. Everything is easier when you have the funds to get more help, design, branding, and the thousand other moving parts of starting and operating a hair business. The key is to keep your costs low and your motivation high!

4. Send the order information to us and make the payment

Orders are placed with the retailer, who then, in turn, sends the customer's shipping information to the wholesaler for shipment. 
From here you will make a payment to the wholesaler(BHW) before we ships the item to the customer directly, often using custom packaging if requested, such as return labels and packing slips with the retailer's logo. Tracking info will be sent to you. The process helps to cut out the middleman while saving space for the retailer.

5. Track your order shipping and provide follow up customer service

Have any questions about getting started? Please Contact Us for detailed prices.

Launch Your Hair Extension Business Today!

It could also be a great backup for online orders if you are out of stock. There is no easier or cost-effective way to start your hair extension business. 

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