Hair Care Tips


Human wigs are the premier choice if you want adaptability and luxury. Human hair is soft to the touch and can be styled endless ways. Human wigs are also the expensive type of wig you can buy. As time goes on, there will be daily wear and tear to your wig just like wearing the same garment all day, every day. This is why it is so important to take care of your wig properly. 

Here are 6 tips you can try for our human hair wig.

1.  Adjust the Temperature
The ideal temperature to use when washing your hair is 100°F. This is just above a healthy body temperature, so the water will feel lukewarm on your skin.

Washing your hair in lukewarm water is much better for maintaining your hair's essential oils. And it will still produce a good lather with the shampoo that you are using.

2. Comb Wet Hair

We wanted to take the time to emphasize our last point: use a wide-toothed comb for wet and damp hair! Your hair is more vulnerable to breakage when it’s stretched out from retaining water. Carefully and gently work away at your hair tangles and remove broken hair strands.

3. Air Dry Hair

Take some breaks from using heat on your hair by letting it air dry whenever you get a chance. We know it helps you feel more put together, but long-term heat use can cause lasting damage. Instead, try using wet or damp hair products such as curl mousse and anti-frizz spray to achieve that clean look.

3. Put down your curling iron.

Everyone knows heat tools damage hair, and the same is true with wigs.

When you use a heating tool on your wig the hair gets damaged, dry, and brittle, split ends form, and the hair loses natural shine. Moreover, because wig hair doesn’t repair like natural hair, the damage is permanent.

4. Change Hair Part

Want instant volume? Just switch your middle part to a side one, from one side to the other, and so on! It seems too simple a fix for a hair lift, but the change allows you to move around the weight of your hair so roots will be uncovered and free to better hold up your hair.

5. Do not sleep or shower with your wig. 

Rubbing your head against a car headrest can also cause of hair breakage. Just DON’T DO IT.

6. Buy two wigs

We aren’t saying not to wear a wig every day. We’re saying you shouldn’t wear the same wig every day.

If you’re an everyday wig wearer, you may want to consider buying two wigs and rotating them. The less you wear your wig, the longer it will last.

Wig maintenance requires practice and dedication, but once you’ve implemented these tips, you’ll start seeing your wigs last longer and look better.

Take care of your wig, have fun, and look fabulous.


Best Regards 

AnSon Zhang


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