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We Are BeautyHairWorld


BeautyHairWorld is happy to present something new, fresh, and much needed to the African American community! Our Premium Beauty Supply is partnered with amazing, and talented African Americans who understand the needs of the customer like no other! We're building a foundation to create Black Owned Premium Beauty Supplies around the world.



Let's face it, African Americans make up 90% of beauty supply patrons, yet only 10% of beauty supplies are owned by African Americans. It's time to make a change! Our Premium Beauty Supplies are upscale, clean and neat to make your shopping experience one that you'll simply enjoy. We love making our customer's smile!

We are developing our partners to become "The Boss" at BeautyHairWorld. It's not just a partnership, but a bridge to create Black Owned Premium Beauty Supplies around the world! We are bringing in passionate, beautiful, and most certainly qualified ladies, and gentleman across the globe, to become the next "Be The Boss".


You can also find out more information about the "Be The Boss" program at www.beautyhairworld.com.

Learn more about "Be The Boss" : 

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There are some amazing day's ahead for the African American Community in the Premium Beauty Supply Industry! BeautyHairWorld is most certainly ecstatic to be making a major mark in the beauty world, and we're here to "slay"!

Yours Truly,

BeautyHairWorld Inc.

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